US/NATO Building “New Berlin Wall” by Expanding Military Footprint, Says Putin

Raging Bull-shit

Russian President Vladimir Putin takes questions on wide-ranging set of issues, but strongest remarks reserved for foreign attack on nation’s economy and expansion of NATO

Russian President Vladimir Putin as he participates in his annual national press conference on December 18, 2014. (Image: Evgeny Feldman/Mashable)

The U.S. and its NATO allies are building a “new Berlin Wall” by expanding the footprint of their military alliance eastward, said Russian President Vladimir Putin on Thursday as he railed against destabilizing and counterproductive behavior by western nations over the crisis in Ukraine that has contributed to his nation’s economic troubles.

The remarks were made during a televised national press conference in which Putin opened himself up to questions from journalists and citizens in a marathon Q&A session that last more than three hours.

“We’re not attacking anyone, we’re not warmongers… The American bases are throughout…

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