FBI Director – James Comey – “Going Dark” and assorted Industry Standards


  Above is a video of FBI Director, James Comey, speaking at a recent Brookings event, incidentally Mr Comey was nominated for the position by President Obama and confirmed in Senate (September 2013) with a huge majority of ninety three votes to a single one, and exclaims to the audience that he has the “best job in the world.” Mr Comey outlines, or more accurately, argues why the Government in its fight against crime and terror requires a level playing field as technical developments sprint past Law Enforcements ability to stay ahead, or keep up with the evolving digital communication landscape. While using emotive examples of how the utilisation of ‘content’ on digital devices enable Law Enforcement  to resolve heinous crimes, Mr Comey balances this point by giving an example of how ‘content’ on a digital device was used to correct a miscarriage of justice. Unfortunately, Mr Comey  paints a…

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