Lady Gaga: World is wrong about Israel

The Ugly Truth


Tel Aviv was magnificent, star singer says in interview, and its people are ‘in good spirits’

Ed note–several things worth noting here–

Lady Gaga can accurately be described as one of the most self-worshiping and corrupting, corrosive influences on civil society in a long time.  The difference between her and drug dealers and porn magnates such as Larry Flynt is that with porn and drugs, it is not as much out in the open and in your face, no pun intended. This being the case,  why would she NOT take to Israel like a fly to a pile of stinking,  streaming excrement? Truly she is in her element. 

Next,  it goes to show how important to organized Jewish interests’ the ‘cooperation’ of Hollywood elite is. Pop stars are more influential on the minds of Americans than Jesus Christ or elected officials.

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