e-gate – “because we say so”



If you’ve heard about e-gate and are wondering what all the fuss is about, don’t worry…it’s only a trial.The new arrival and departure self-service streamlining software will make it easy for everyone. Long flights across vast oceans will now end in travellers effortlessly passing through the advanced facial recognition software with seamless correlation to a raft of e-passport credentials and body mapping Trapwire.


So what’s the problem with this stuff…well, one concern is the cost,..it is incredibly expensive. The trial which is inclusive to 2016 is being shared between Portugal’s Vision Box  and French Company Morpho absorbing nearly a third of the e-gate budget. 

The tender was received by a number of other countries however, Vision Box had a clear advantage by already having a complete installation up and running in Qatar. An enthusiastic sales team can wine and dine the whole tendering committee via non-reccurring sundries on the first…

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